Related projects

We are proud to be able to build on and be associated with a number of research projects throughout the community. A selected number are listed below.

FCL/B: An Integrated VSC-HVDC Fault Current Limiter/Breaker

An EPSRC project investigating protection of HVDC grids using fast acting breaker technology.

MTVN: Multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC Networks – Grid Control

An EPSRC project investigating control and telecommunications in multi-terminal DC networks.

Massive Integration of Power Electronics Devices (MIGRATE)

An EU Horizon 2020 project investigating the impact of future technology on the electrical power networks of the future.

ORCA (Offshore Robotics for Certification of Assets) Hub

An EPSRC project (funded through Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF)) aimed at addressing the offshore energy industry vision for a completely autonomous offshore energy field.